The Dis-Connection Podcast

This podcast—previously built by some friends and I—was about vicariously learning from other people's struggles, triumphs, and reconnecting with our inner selves.

We are social animals. Sharing stories around campfires and engaging in communal hunts or gatherings cultivated our growth and relationships with one another. A sense of trust was built around these activities, but they happen in less frequency with our evolving culture.

In an age of technology, we are increasingly connected to everything. We turn on our phones and text our friend. We open social media to see a cousin sharing pictures of their marriage or new born baby. These pictures, videos, and sound bites shared across thousands of miles are for our convenience of connectivity. But, humans don’t connect with phones or with intangible objects like a social media platform; we connect with the people on the other side. These connections are powerful and captivating, yet at times we feel there is something missing.

Regardless of where you’re from, what you do, or how old you are, we all want the same things. We want to feel appreciated. We want a sense of fulfillment. We want to create something new and share it with those around us. Everyone has a unique story, but the archetypes are the same. Life presents us with opportunities—some more than others—and it is our job to work with our surrounding environment to overcome what obstacles are presented.

Through podcasts, a new age of campfire storytelling has begun. The mission is to dissolve the disconnection our culture faces. The stories and struggles shared from the guests are honest and real, providing insight into our own lives.

It is through conversation that we can gain new outlooks on how to overcome our own obstacles.

Below are some episodes for your listening pleasure…

Casey shares what keeps him focused and driven as a rehab counselor and recovering addict.

Erica shares how her life changed for the better after falling from a 60 ft cliff.

Alessandra shares her cultural insight as a guidance counselor for underprivileged teens, gender expectations, and systemic abuse.

Santi shares his expression of street art, why it means so much in our technological age, and how relationships affect us.

Sam shares required work for her Psy.D in Child Clinical Psychology after receiving her Masters in School Psychology, her work with toddlers and projection, and how knowing about our minds helps us know more about ourselves.

Leandro, our good friend and artist living in Spain, shares with us his reflections on difficulties we all face, exploration and adventure to different parts of the world, and being mindful of the important things in life.

Sydney shares her life as the U.S. Digital Content Editor of Mixmag, an underground electronic music publication. Sydney shares her introduction into the underground scene, drugs in the dance environment, and how her passion for music is a drive to succeed.

Michael shares his introduction into the civil services, the joy he finds in helping others, the requirements and duties of a police dispatcher, and his concerns for responding to emergencies.

Jennifer talks about activism and her approach to being a part of events like the one she organized in November 2016 in protest of DAPL, the current standing of the pipeline, how to motivate yourself to be active, and how to deal with anxiety.

Below is a short video created from the journey my friends and I undertook to the Standing Rock Reservation is South Dakota.